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On Site

The site service division was developed to offer the customer a
comprehensive range of in-situ options for grinding, polishing and
thermal spraying.

In the paper industry, the profile and surface finish of a Yankee / MG drying cylinder is a crucial factor in the production of a quality sheet.

Production methods and machine conditions are constantly wearing away the surface, eventually the cylinder needs grinding back to manufacturers tolerances.

Our extensive range of portable grinding and polishing machines have been designed to utilise the most advanced technology allowing our
technicians to achieve a high standard of accuracy and maintain customer satisfaction.

Other industries, for example, textiles, plastics, printing and steel production all benefit from our extensive knowledge and capability in adapting to the specific needs of the customer.

The company operates on a 24 hour basis and has the ability to respond to any customer demands and proudly maintains a high reputation for both quality and service to a worldwide customer base.


Our services for on-site grinding, polishing and thermal spray coating have been applied in all the following applications;

General Engineering

Our aim is supply a comprehensive facility, which can accomodate for a wide and varied market.

The range of equipment we have invested in and built over the past two decades, is aimed to produce and supply any potential customer from any of the industries listed.

The company has not restructured itself to branded or multi batch products allowing it to be versatile in response to customer needs. Whether producing a small component on a CNC machine or a large 2000mm diameter cylinder, our
comprehensive range of equipment allows most requests to be catered for.

Working in today’s pressurised economy, our trained staff and technicians are able to respond on a 24 hour basis.

Integrated engineering disciplines ie. turning, boring, roll and cylindrical grinding, milling and slotting all allied with our surface coating and thermal spraying divisions, assist sub-contract purchasers in sourcing a one stop supplier.

Thermal Spray Coatings

The requirement for thermal coatings is increasing as industry accepts the
technological advances made in the thermal materials in use. The standard of materials used today, in conjunction with the various thermal spray application processes, are at a level whereby product manufacturers are seeing significant increases in production, reduced roll wear and improved product quality.

Arc wire can be used to carry out various reclamation repairs. Instances
were these repairs are effected are, bearing diameters, seal areas, worn roll diameters and yankee dryers. The arc wire process is very versatile and
extremely reliable

The H.V.O.F. process is principally used for the deposition of hard faced
coatings. A rolling road for instance, which requires a Tungsten Carbide
coating for wear purposes and for traction control. A piston rod or
plunger may have a fine ground Tungsten Carbide section which needs to resist wear producing long life when in use.

Due to its low heat input into a component, Thermal coatings have an
advantage over welding processes were deformation can be a problem or were the base material is not compatible to welding. Most ferrous and non ferrous metals can be Thermally sprayed using the correct system and material compounds.

CRC thermal spray coatings are applied by the either of the following processes;

Thermal Arc Wire
Simply two wires are melted between two electrodes, then propelled on to a substrate.

High Velocity Oxy Fuel

Were powder material is heated and introduced into jet propelled gas stream utilising Kinetic energy to adhere to the substrate.

Micro - Super Finishing

Normal grinding operations will produce a surface finish of upto 0.1 Um, in most instances this will prove to be sufficient for the application required. However, were special high grade products are produced the requirement for a better surface finish is essential. The finishes for these rolls can be as low as 0.02 Um with a high reflective mirror finish.

Precise GEM finishing machines are used in conjuction with fine grade
cutting tapes and fine grade lapping films, for the final polishing
process after grinding. These films can be used on any hard surface, surfaces such as tungsten carbide, ceramic and chilled iron. These materials pose no problem for the film being used, to achieve the quality surface finish required.

These procedures can be carried out in our work shop or on site at the
customers premises, using dedicated equipment.

Tolerances can be maintained to a very high degree of accuracy, when the micro – super finishing process is carried out. The finishes produced cannot be achieved by standard grinding operations.

Some typical applications for the micro –
super finishing process are:

Roll Grinding

With the capability of being able to manage up to 15 tons lifting capacity, we are able to handle and grind rolls up to diameters of 2500mm with roll faces of 6000mm.

To maintain optimum profile the above rolls types require periodic regrinds.

Working closely with maintenance and planning departments, we are able to offer a comprehensive service for both planned and emergency operations.

Whether the roll is a small covered roll for a wallpaper manufacturer or a large drying cylinder for a paper mill, it is essential the dimensional tolerances and surface quality meet with OEM standards.

This ensures the customer of our ability and commitment to service their rolls.

Here are some examples of the roll types that are ground in our work shop:

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